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Copyright Infringement Statistics

Copyright infringement statistics, by most standards are inflated. Most recent copyright infringement statistics cite that almost 30 percent of software is pirated in the United States of America. This means that they think 30 percent of the software on your computer is illegal⦠they think we're all thieves, to an extent.

However, copyright holders have good reason to worry that we're violating their rules: the number of suspects referred to the United States attorneys with an Intellectual Property lead charge increased twenty six percent in the period between 2002 and 2004 and there have been studies that show that this is rising. Copyright infringement statistics are difficult to come by, but it's plain to see it's affecting every aspect of intellectual copy.

Copyright infringement statistics show that in addition to software privacy, there are a lot of violations in the music world. Copyright infringement statistics show that many unsuspecting people, from college students to thirty-something a professional, download music on a consistent basis, and often it's not downloaded legally. Often times, someone will download a song off a MySpace or YouTube page, without giving thought to who really owns the copyright and if it's legal for them to have it.

Copyright infringement statistics, brought to us by the music recording industry, would have us believe that online infringement is seriously hurting the recording industry. A sensible person, however, would realize that with the abundance of MP3 sales sites that this will turn quickly and recording giants will see the huge profits available online. It's already begun, you see, we have yet to see the impact of online music sales, and how it will increase revenue. I'm sure, with the huge talent pool at their disposal, the media giants will find a way to monetize the internet to their fullest advantage.

Copyright infringement statistics also show that many people are downloading games off the internet. With the litany of games available to us from complete alternate worlds such as World of Warcraft to the more mainstream "The Sims" series, people are clamoring for PC games and for good reason. They're fun, intelligent games that play on a system everyone has a computer. Because of this, people are always looking for new games to play and download, and they may download a game without knowing that it's not 'freeware' (as many internet games are).

In addition to computer games, copyright infringement statistics also show that movies are downloaded in abundance on the internet. Many peer to peer file distribution sites and programs (such as bit torrent or Kazaa) allow for the transfer of very large files, and they're easy to find online. Using a tool provided by one of many suppliers, users can search for any item they like and, of course, the system is abused and people download copyrighted movies and entire DVDs instead of publicly available works.

Copyright infringement also branches into written works, such as articles, books, poems, etc. Many times, a student will copy a paragraph or two without realizing the implications of such copying. While they may think of it as 'borrowing', if it's used on a grander scale, the person could be opening themselves up to a large court fight, especially if it's used commercially.

As you can see, copyright infringement statistics show us that many people are using copyrighted works illegally. Do your best diligence when using another's work and ask for permission every time you want to use something that you haven't created. Chances are, if you just ask the question up front you'll save yourself from becoming another copyright infringement statistic and save yourself from a major lawsuit.

  Copyright Infringement Statistics
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